Understand Your Data

Why Understand Your Data ?

The better question might be – What happens if you DON’T understand your data?

Essentially the story goes; that you will lose your competitive edge, you maybe slower to market with your products, your customer knowledge will not be leveraged to the best advantage, …essentially you will be caught out.

Let’s not forget that research is showing that during the COVID pandemic there has been a massive shift to the use of technology and therefore data is becoming an essential asset for all organisations…

Even my local chippy has gone digital with an app to order extremely good fish and chips which you then go and collect from a mobile chip shop! They lookout for you and check up if they have not seen you for a while and yes there is a loyalty programme! 

The Value You Get

Know where you are on a data maturity scale – this requires real honest transparent review. You need to have objective support to do this.


1      Review your technology Hardware and Software (Applications) for data collection to analysis – ERP, EXCEL Pivots, SQL Tools, Reporting tools… 

2      Review (Know what and where) the data do you have? Customer, Financial, HR…

3      Have the foundations to be able to build a data strategy – a road map – confidence your data is supporting your Business Strategy 

4      The strategy / the road map will show you the potential value in your data, whether it be supporting existing business – new business ideas, cost optimisation opportunities, product investments, better insights into your customer journey and how you can continue to be part of that journey! 


The Method

Step 1:
Half day assessment with Leadership – Discussion driven around Business Strategy and where your data is

Step 2:
Comprehensive data maturity assessment – not just the data but the people and evaluation of your company Data Culture 

Step 3:

Regular updates – review of steps following an agile fail fast approach – it is essential that we don’t waste time going down ‘rabbit holes’! 

Step 4: The final Report – which will state clearly the next steps and the options you can choose to move forward

The Timeliness

This data maturity assessment takes between 2 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the customer and scope of the engagement. It is strongly advised that ALL your business participates – of not you are open to the risk of a solution / road map that simply pulls your organisation apart. 

What You Need to Commit to

TIME – but this is fixed and known for example 

  • 1/2 day with leadership 
  • surveys that take 30 mins max
  • Lead team meetings 1 hour once per week
  • SME input required (this time is driven by how much YOU want to lead the programme) 


Pricing Model

Our over all pricing model is rooted in the value you will see from engaging in the Outcomes you are looking for. 

Though this ES Outcome is a fixed price due to the nature of the work. It is clear that when we embark on this journey it is unclear exactly where you might end up wanting to go. Therefore it is essential that the price and work is clear with an outcome that you can then use to drive Value! 

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