Security and Data Ethics

Data security and Data Ethics, why do we have these two areas together? The security of your data is key to how you care for your organisations data assets and your client data. In fact today the client data is seen by many as the most precious assets an organisation can have. So in this service we offer not only practical help around data security but also help you articulate how the care of your data and how you use it demonstrates your organisations’ commitment to how much you care for your customers!

Why care about your data?

There is little doubt that data security is and will be a massive focus for any business and organisation going forward. This will be a great importance to C level as well as the individual resource working face to face with your clients. Resent figures showed the fines imposed on the big corporations around GDPR; Google with a 50m € fine and BA with a 22m € fine. These fine are not and will not remain with just the massive global corporate organisations, they will hit the smaller businesses too. 

One could argue that the fines are not the real long term impact but in fact the credibility of the organisation is, for the fact is that they will be perceived as companies that do not care about their data – their data that is about their customers! 

There are many technical companies out there wanting to sell your their services and solutions. But also you need to consider that the greater % of security breaches are in fact internal and many done completely unintentionally. So what do you have in place to protect your organisation – processes and training to help your resources protect your assets? This Service is about assessing and helping you build a wholistic and ethical solutions to this vital area!

The Value You Get

Full review of your security environment 

Full ethical review of your data, where it is who sees it and what you do with it? 

Assurance  that you are not paying over the odds for you solutions

A way of annually reviewing – auditing internally and with external reviews  – with the capability – tide to ISO 270001 if required 

Security and Data Ethical (SDE) Road Map. Essential/ Medium Term / Long Term

The Method

Step 1. 

Review current situation – system security/internal processes & training/ethical assessment of data use

Produce a GAP analysis – highlighting any current urgent issues 

Step 2:
Build SDE Road Map and action plan and feed this into the Full Data Strategy / Business Strategy  

Deploy Action plan – in an agile approach based on urgent issues 

The Timeliness

Current situation – 4 to 6 weeks

GAP analysis 2 weeks

Road map – 2 weeks

Agile deployment each sprint – 3 to 5 weeks

What you need to commit to

From day one we MUST have open access to people/processes/tools SW and HW so that we can do a wholistic review.

If ISO 270001 is required we will need connecting to your current certification contacts. 

Pricing Model

the SDE review and building of the SDE road map will be based on a consultancy fixed fee


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