Deploy Your Vision

It is essential that your digital strategy is up and running as soon as possible. Time is money! It can impact your ability to be competitive; to attract and retain customers and be confident that what you are aiming to achieve can be tested and adapted fast. Enable Success believe it is essential to have a solid foundation in place in such a fast moving environment. Therefore deploying your vision in a systematic and agile way is key to a solid foundation! 

Are you confident you get what you paid for?

Enable Success believes in the success of your projects so they you are successful, with our approach we have very clear defines deliverables and set into small timelines. We would recommend a Business Outcome is achieves within 3 months. We do not want an 18 month project that never delivered anything! 

In addition we are more than happy to have a high level of ownership at the onset but as time progresses we hand over to your teams to take on the work load or we will be happy to carry on running ownership if that is your need.

The Value You Get

A known Business Outcome after each phase

Rooted in the delivered Value that has been identified at the onset 

The ability to own as much/ little of the day to day management and development work as you require. This can be revisited after each piece of work

A partner who is as committed to your success as you are! 

The Method

The core project delivery model will be Agile, to ensure a fast but sure model. This will help your organisation realise the value of your digital strategy and how it is supporting the organisations strategy.

Each sprint will have a Business Outcome at its heart. This might be internal operational improvement and efficiency or customer facing interaction. The technology will be supporting the expected place on the digital roadmap. That is to say that what we build at first maybe prototypes and technology with will need reviewing as we move along.

To put it bluntly, we will use what you have and can afford for what is needed. As value is built then new technology, if planned for, can be deployed to fine tune what you have in place. 

The Timeliness

Each sprint needs to last not longer than 3 months – the interconnected relationship between the sprints will also drive that timelines for each Business Outcome. 

What you need to commit to

This will depend on your organisation’s structure. From a programme management perspective Enable Success can own all or parts of this process.  What will will ensure is that there is a clear buy-in from all parties at the onset and review this at the end of every Business Outcome to ensure that the resource mix is optimised. 

A simple joint agreement will be agreed upon at the onset of each section of work (each sprint). 

Pricing Model

We will endeavour to have a value based pricing structure, we will agree upfront what the value of the deliverable will be to your organisation and payment will only be due once this is delivered. 

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