Ongoing Services

All the hard work now needs to be put in to practice and kept relevant!

Why Understand Your Data ?

This question does not go away, rather regular reviews of your successes and challenges need to be fed into the organic solution with measures showing to achievements of your business strategy.

The Value You Get

Continued insights from the analytics feeding into your company dashboard/s to help your teams know where they are and what needs to be actioned.

Peace of mind in knowing that your data solution is working when needed

System backup – As defined by customer requirements including 24/7 consultant cover and HW backup of data

System Security – supporting the customer existing choice or offering advice and direct support for a new chosen solution

Development for existing solution

Agreed update meeting – with the ability to review future requirements

The Method

Ensures that you are in control and your resources continue to grow in knowledge about the potential of the current data and needs for future data. This will link directly into the new technologies that you will be considering.

Tried and tested DevOps will the method for continued work. It is essential that the old traditional managed service approach is put to one side, this approach cannot support the rapid changing technology advancements of today’s digital transformative world!

The Timeliness

Ongoing, regular reviews monthly/quarterly annual – dependent on the requirements

What you need to commit to

Commitment to the solution, ensuring that you support the ongoing use of the solutions in place. This YOU is the whole business not just one department such as IT or Sales or Marketing or…

Pricing Model

The best solution is a value-based solution with inbuilt ability to have small updates throughout the year. The pricing will be based on the value that you achieve. There will be an agreed parameter of success


It is essential that both you the customer and we are committed to your success, that means that a pricing model rooted in the success of the solutions drives behaviour to make that happen. Simply put we only take a fee if you are successful!

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